Setting up a Green Screen

Green screen video effect allows background change facility to the users. In this method, the user places the subject in front of a green backdrop takes the footage and then changes the background. After that, a chromakey filter is applied to make the background more realistic. With a green screen, the subject can be placed with any background. This thing is mainly used to shoot something that requires changing the background but not the subject. This help to get things done on a reduced amount of money and effort. Green screen can be tough to get perfection. Most of the people end up in ruining the video for the first few times. There are some tips that can help to learn the best way to make a green screen video.

Beware of ruining the videos: Ruining a video is easy. Most of the people cannot remove all the green dots in the footage. So they try to remove the green dots in the footage and ends up losing the quality. After that, they try to blur the video and ends up in something that cannot even show the background. People make the video so blur that there is only mesh in the background.


Misconception: There are different types of green screen kit available in the market. The kits contain a green cloth, the stand to hold the cloth and three lights for lighting purposes. These it sellers claim that they sell all in one package. But these kits cannot fulfill the demand. Most of the cases the light they provide are used to light the face of the subject. The cloth or green screen remain without lights. Thus the screen does not get enough bright and this creates a problem when editing the footage. An ideal green screen set should have five lights. Two lights dedicated to light the screen and three lights to light the subject.

Best Light for the green screen: a green screen should be lighted with even light tone. A flat and even lighting system will help to capture an equally color distributed light which will certainly help the editing process. Variation in brightness will certainly make the edge of the footage look bad. Fluorescent lamps of LED box bulb are recommended which can provide decent light to capture the footage. Box LED lights are normal LED bulbs which come in a box with a reflector. Usually, they are slightly higher prices than the normally LED lamps. If a person can manage the reflector then that person can make the light on his/her own. LED lights are more durable compared to the fluorescent bulbs as these do not have any kind of glass tube.

Lights placements: Light placement is simple for the green screen. Placing two lights vertically on both sides of the screen will light the screen. After that, the remaining three lights should be placed carefully so that it lights the subject. Some camera tweaks and light movements can produce the best footage.